In 2018, the HR Provider Securex calculated the cost of a failed promotion or recruitment after two years. The figures? For employees the cost was € 35,250 per person, for middle management the cost was€ 51,850 and at director level it amounted to€ 151,700.

Ingrid helps clients avoid such high costs and negative situations by offering assessment and development centres. Thus the chances of making mistakes is drastically reduced!



Assessment centres allow organisations to test the ‘fitness for purpose’ of candidates who are in the process of external selection or internal promotion. Our approach is based on development orientation and interaction (meaning that candidates are asked to carry out several exercises, so that we see the candidate act and can draw conclusions accordingly) .

Each assessment centre leads to an extensive report about the candidate and a personal debriefing with the candidate and his manager. This approach gives each candidate a feeling of respect and fair treatment.

Development centres allow internal staff to grow within the organisation. Candidates are evaluated on where they are today in terms of a skills set and behaviour and receive an indication of how to move themselves up to the next level. The starting point is always the talent and strengths of the person involved. Each step within the development centre process is followed by an instant debriefing of the candidate. This allows the candidate to integrate some of the things he has learned immediately during the remainder of the day.