The word ‘I’ of course refers to the candidate! ‘I have talent’ illustrates the positive message that ‘everybody has talents’.

Ingrid is helping (young) candidates discover and unlock their talents. We strongly believe that people perform at their best if they start out from what they are good at. The more people understand their own talents, the more confident they will feel in outperforming themselves.

The Talent Challenge Centre is a development exercise that focuses on the (young) individual, independently from every functional role within an organisation.

An individual sometimes has to choose and often struggles with the following questions: “What are my skills and capabilities?” and “What do I really want to achieve in my professional life?”

The Talent Challenge Centre is set up as an interactive ‘learning centre’, with a tailor-made design, taking into account the wishes and needs of the (young) candidate and his/her parents.

Who are the candidates?

– Students looking for a job that suits their capabilities.

– Demotivated students or professionals failing to thrive in their studies or job.

– Dismissed people trying to find out the best next step for them.

– Professionals who no longer feel energized within their present role.

– People looking for a ‘change’, but not knowing where to look to find that change.

The Talent Challenge Centre allows people to discover their natural talents and capabilities and supports them in making the link to the right kind of job/studies for them.