Career guidance & TaPas.

Are you in the right job? Are you using all of your talents to their full extent? Is your work-life balance right for you? These are all important questions that need to be answered when outlining your ideal professional future.

Why career guidance?

Being in the right job where you can fully utilise your talents is of vital importance today. Nevertheless, there are many people who have difficulty finding the right job.

Through career guidance, we identify the traps you tend to fall into and we find out what drives you. We help you outline your ideal professional future and the type of job that goes with it.

Together we work out a realistic step-by-step plan to get there.

For whom?

Career guidance is right for people with the following questions:

Ingrid is your career counsellor.

Ingrid answers your career questions during an intensive, tailor-made coaching programme that includes conversations, exercises and tests.

During the career coaching, we focus on your job, career, talents, dreams and work-life balance. We do this in a trajectory of a number of hours spread over several appointments.

Prefer online coaching? No problem at all.

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