Teamcoaching Insights.

Guias’ team coaching insights will bring out the best in your team and together you’ll go from one glittering success to another.

Team coaching solutions.

What goals do you want to achieve?

More self-insight and self-confidence?

Guidance in discovering team dynamics and culture. You’ll gain more insight into the behavior and personality of all team members. The strong points are highlighted, the points that need to be worked on are exposed. We sketch an overall picture of the team so that everyone gains self-insight and increases his or her self-confidence.

Need to work more efficiently?

Being part of a team where everyone has their tasks and responsibilities tailored to their talents and personality has a stimulating effect. This makes it easier to assign responsibilities and manage people in a more targeted way. We create a team that delivers high quality work efficiently.

Changing company culture?

Do you value respect and healthy collaborations, and do you want to adapt the team culture accordingly? Then we help you to change the company culture and involve the team members in this story. This is how we foster the business you are looking to create.

Georges Anthoon coaches your team.

With +35 years’ experience as an HR manager at renowned companies such as Shell, PwC, Vinçotte, Belgacom and AXA, Georges is the right person to help you.

Since 2011 he has coached executive teams, senior managers, high potentials and teams in their quest for sustainable professional and personal growth – both in Belgium and abroad.

Dutch, English or French, Georges helps you in your own language.

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